Possible Homicide-Suicide

I arrived at the news room for budget and my GA shift, when Scott told me that I was being sent out to a shooting over in east Columbia.

I was nervous at first.

When I arrived at the scene I parked and could see a ton of police cars, an ambulance, and yellow police tape. I walked up to the scene and was met by a cop saying that they would call me with details. I wasn’t sure what to do. Katherine told me one of our photographers were there so I told the officer who said he would call that I needed to find her.

Bea was situated with other new media across the street from the scene by the neighbor’s house. We were then given information about what was happening from the Boone County Sheriff’s Detective, Tom O’Sullivan.

He told us that there were two men dead in was appeared to be a murder-suicide. The shooter was a 66-year-old man and the victim was his son-in-law, who was in his early thirties.  They had two children in the home at the time, but luckily they were unharmed.

This whole situation was very new to me. Both with the breaking news and it being a crime scene. I wasn’t quite sure what questions to ask, but Bea was helpful in filling me in.

It was an interesting experience to say the least. I felt like I was on a crime Tv show or something. It was really cool in my opinion.


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