Writing a life story

On Monday I was assigned to write a Life story or an extended obituary essentially. Honestly, I felt pretty uncomfortable calling a grieving family during this difficult time.

The man that I was writing on had lived in Columbia for a time, but then moved to Bedford, Indiana. It was really difficult at the time to be able to find any information on this man when he hadn’t lived here in over 10 years. It was also difficult to get a lot of information from his wife, seeing as she was grieving and wasn’t quite up for talking to a reporter. I tried to be as gentle as possible.

Finding people on the internet is also difficult without having to pay for the information. I was lucky to find his and his wife’s number in Bedford, but was unfortunate to not be able to find any of his children’s phone numbers. I did however find them on Facebook. I messaged them, but they never got back to me.

Here is a link for my story on the Columbia Missourian.



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