Case of technical difficulties

On Wednesday, May 27th, Columbia schools had their last day of school. I volunteered with another girl in my reporting class to do a video story on a group of kindergarteners on their last day of their first year of big kid school.  It did not turn out the way we had planned.

First off, the recorder that we had checked out from the Mizzou J-school library was very unfamiliar to the both of us and we could quite figure it out.  The next thing that was a problem was that we had a possibly damaged memory card that wasn’t recording the information correctly.

The biggest problem other than technical difficulties was that there wasn’t really a story.  What the kindergarteners were doing that day was not really any different than any other day in kindergarten.  With the exception of signing “yearbooks” there was nothing that stood out as last day of school.  It made for uneventful footage and just seemed like any other day.

In the end we didn’t end up editing it or publishing it because it didn’t have a story that was anything but ordinary. However, I did learn a few things:

  • Make sure you know how all the equipment works
  • Check that all equipment is working properly before you leave
  • Once in the situation, stay through all the emotional parts

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