Ethical decisions

In lecture we talked about ethical decisions. It is all about how things are portrayed and who you should be talking to. Making sure your writing is fair and understood to be fully divulging all details.

I had a little bit of an ethical dilemma when I went to Mini Med School on Monday. One of the high school students offered to let me do some sutures on his pig foot and I wasn’t sure if I would get in trouble for doing that, so I didn’t.

I wasn’t sure if this was a problem. I figured I would get in trouble by the Med school and wouldn’t be able to come back. When I got back to the newsroom Scott told me I should have done it because then it would have given me a more thorough experience that would help in my reporting.

In the end, maybe I should have done it. Been more participatory. Maybe it would have improved my writing with more color. I guess I will never know.


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