UM budget

Last week I went the UM Board of Curators meeting. They discussed many topics, but the main topic I payed attention to was the Budget for fiscal 2016 and the appropriations request for fiscal 2017.

There was a lot of paper work to go through to get the numbers of where money is going and where money is coming from. It was hard to keep track of it all.

Going to the meeting was honestly really boring. I got there at 1 and the didn’t start until 1:45. They ended up being over an hour  behind.  I was there for over three hours and they didn’t really say much. The presentations were made up of a paper handout and a power point with the Chief financial officer, Brian Burnett, telling the board what things were for.

The problem I had with going to the meeting is that there was nothing to really add to the story. The only person who really said anything was Burnett telling the board what was on the power point. That made it really hard to put a voice in the story.

A lot of the story kind of wrote itself from the paperwork we printed out. I explained a lot of what things were going to happen and how they were going to happen and where the money is coming from.

To see what projects are going up or reconstructed read about that and the UM President’s address.


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