Tolton is going to the finals

Friday was a very long day for me.

It started out like a great day. I got to the newsroom and was excited to be able to post on the Missourian’s snapchat and live tweet from the Tolton semifinal game in Blue Springs.

The game was scheduled for 2 p.m. and I left by noon. Around 45 minutes after I left Columbia, I hit something and got a flat tire. I called to have someone come and help me which took well over an hour for them to get to me. I was frustrated, hot, and very late. The photographer that was there from the Missourian ended up taking some note.

By the time I got to the game, there was only 13 minutes left in the second half. By the time I got down to the field after signing in there was only 5.  I did my best to get some interviews after the game, but didn’t really know much of what had happened throughout.

I combined what I knew, the photographer knew, and what was posted on the MSHSAA website to pull together a story.

Go find that story on the Columbia Missourian website.


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