Senior Shuffles his way into the hall of fame

Friday was the beginning of the Missouri State Senior Games as part of the Show Me State Games.

Originally I had planned on covering 3v3 basketball that was being held at Rock Bridge High School.  I arrived prior to the beginning of it and asked two different people where the tournament was being held. They both directed me to where it was supposed to be held. There was no one in sight. I waited around for a little while but no one showed up. I went back to the newsroom and they told me I should try to go to shuffleboard where there was already a photographer.

I showed up at shuffleboard in plenty of time. Luckily there were people there playing. I ended up talking to a man who has been participating in the games for the past 25 years and who is being inducted into the hall of fame for his service to the game of shuffleboard. There was also a man there who just started playing that day and lost his first game only by 1 point.

It was an interesting day. I’ve decided that I want to try and play shuffleboard now.  You can read my story here on


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